Every PersonalDB account is designed to support many different applications. Further, you can switch between different applications. Use your favorite viewer while at your computer, and switch to the HTML viewer available anywhere you can access the world-wide web

While designed to support many different applications which can access the data, only a single viewer is currently available. This viewer is based entirely of HTML and javascript, and should run in most modern browsers.

To access the viewer, click here. You should see a security warning. This occurs because the javascript that forms the viewer needs to access your PersonalDB account, which will not be running from the same computer as this web-page.

Getting Started

Once the page finishes loading, the first thing shown is the login page. However, before you login, you must have an account. There is a button below the fields that says "Create New Account" that you should click.

To create an account, you must provide three pieces of information. First, you must select a username. This must be unique on the server. Second, you must provide a password. This is entered twice to check for errors. Third, you must select a server.

A public server is currently being run Don't let this URL confuse you, it is not a web site. It is the address of the PersonalDB server.

Note that not all servers allow anonymous or public creation of account. In those cases, you must check the servers documentation to determine how accounts are created.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may run into difficulties logging into servers using HTTPS if the server's certificate is not signed by an authority. To overcome this problem, just type the server address into your web browser and follow the prompts until the certificate has been accepted. The HTML viewer should then work in Internet Explorer. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!
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