PersonalDB is background process that provides access for multiple users to individual SQL databases. The SQL database provides a central internet accessible datastore for a variety of applications. In particular, the database can be used as a personal information manager (PIM).

The PersonalDB server uses three subsystems. These are:

  • SOAP: An individual's PersonalDB can be accessed using simple object access protocol (SOAP), an open standard supported by the W3C. SOAP server support is provided by GSOAP.
  • SSL: The PersonalDB server accepts both unencrypted and encrypted data, automatically determining if SSL is being used. The encryption layer is provided by OpenSSL.
  • SQL: Data is stored in a relational database and accessed using the query language (SQL). PersonalDB uses the SQLite library.


This section provides details on running the PersonalDB server. If you would like information on running your PersonalDB viewer, please refer to your viewer's documentation.

datadir ./ Use this option to specify a path to the directory where the users' database files will be stored.
backlog 100 The backlog is the maximum queue size for requests.
localport 2900 The TCP/IP port number used to access the PersonalDB server.
localhost   The TCP/IP address used to access the PersonalDB server. If blank, the current machine's default address is used.
maxkeepalive 100 This parameter sets the maximum number of keep-alive calls allowed by a client when keep-alive is supported.
sslkeyfile   Filename indicating the OpenSSL key file. This is required when the PersonalDB server must authenticate to clients (see OpenSSL documentation on how to obtain this file).
sslpassword   The password needed to read the key file.
ssldh   The DH encryption file. If blank, the server uses RSA encryption.
sendtimeout 60 Specify the timeout interval, in seconds, for send operations.
recvtimeout 300 Specify the timeout interval, in seconds, for receive operations.


If you are a developer and would like to write a viewer for PersonalDB, or make use of a user's PersonalDB database for other applications, the SOAP API is described in this document.

PersonalDB server's provide some additional functions that can be used in SQL expressions in addition to those provided by SQLite, and these are described in this document. A list of SQL functions provided native by the SQL database library can be found in at the SQLite website. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS!
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